About Us

As most great products this idea was born from a need after I had my first child Frankie.

I had a difficult time breastfeeding initially and spent the first few weeks in a sleep deprived daze. Frankie and I spent most of our time skin on skin to help with bonding, producing milk and doing so in little to no clothes.

We had so many visitors at the time and I wanted to be presentable with least amount of effort whilst still being able to breastfeed discreetly and I searched the market far and wide to find ones we could both wear but there were minimal offerings out there so Frankie T was born.

I wanted something genuine, bold colorful and something for my mini me because who doesn’t love a bit of matchy matchy with their children?!

Growing up I had an affinity with Indonesia and the locals from the age of 11 I have been visiting there almost every year. Early 2017 we met a family by chance after my idea took a back seat to life with a 6 month old they told me about their small tailoring business and we came to know them more personally and it just felt like the perfect fit. Within two weeks we had started producing some samples and after a few tweaks and a couple of trips sourcing the right fabrics we came to the current design today launching in October.

I hope that I have designed something that marks this wondrous times in your lives and brings a bit of fun to what can be an exhausting period for families.

Thank you for supporting our small family business it means the world to us!